We at OMEGA Chauffeurdrive  aim to cater for all customers’ needs to ensure they can receive a bespoke reliable and tailor made service.




Meet & Greet on Arrival

On Arrival we offer a fast and discreet service, assisting with all processes right from the moment you land to your final destination. This includes full assistance with immigration and customs, organising baggage porters and chauffeurs, handling lost luggage and hotel check-in.


Your arrival experience will include;

  • Being met at the aircraft gate.
  • Whisked through the terminal on an electric buggy (subject to the airport).
  • Assistance provided for any visas or landing card requirements.
  • Expedited through immigration and customs process (where relevant & subject to the airport).
  • Baggage porters arranged to collect luggage and transfer out to your final mode of transport.
  • Chauffeurs will be parked up outside the arrivals terminal to ensure a fast and efficient transfer away from the airport.
  • In the unfortunate event of lost luggage, we will handle the locating and repatriation of your bag as quickly as possible.

Assistance with any onward transport arrangements and hotel check-in can also be provided. Our services are fully flexible to fulfill your every need. Simply put in a request and we will do our very best to provide what you need.



The Departure service is designed to whisk you through the airport with minimum fuss and delay. Our service begins before you arrive with pre-check in and seating. You will be met from your vehicle and fast-tracked through all airport procedures, to the lounge and to the aircraft gate. Please click here for details of airport specific services.



We pre-book Baggage Porters to assist with luggage collection and transfer out to awaiting vehicle, We are experts in tracking lost bags between any routes with any airlines & ensuring prompt location & delivery of your lost bags.


Not entitled to a lounge with your ticket? Or simply want somewhere else a little more private to relax? Whether you’re flying First Class, Business or Economy, why not sit back and relax in one of our Executive Lounges, found in over 200 countries worldwide.


Private Jet Charter

Wouldn’t you like to have the best private jet experience ever, well now you can when you rent a private jet from Private Jet Charter.


For the past twenty years it’s all we’ve been doing. We are so much more than just a chauffeur company with experienced multilingual staff with service partners working out of offices in Europe, CIS the Middle East, Asia and America. Our aim is to go above and beyond: we work hard to deliver our clients a special experience that is second to none. We are totally committed to our belief that quality matters, delivering you, the customer, the best private jet service in the world.


Charter Services

  • Private Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Medical Aircraft
  • Business Jets
  • Mid-sized Aircraft
  • Long Range Aircraft